Byrone Piper — Biography

THE magic of Ty Piper is a surprising versatility that is almost unknown in British popular music. As one critic put it: 'This cat can do it all!'

He has a comprehensive pedigree as a 'crossover' artist. He served his time in the musicals, is extremely comfortable with the most challenging classical pieces and has excelled with popular songs, in particular a spine-tingling album rendition of the little-known Roy Orbison number 'Walk On.'

Raised in a rock and roll environment but banished from his father's guitar, Ty nevertheless took to music at an early age, his pedigree becoming enhanced by a growing determination to conquer the nuts and bolts of serious music.

It wasn't long before people began to sit up and listen.

Now in his mid thirties he has a wall plastered with posters and can look back on principal roles in musicals, concerts, oratorio, operetta and grand opera with many companies.

Last year he won Atlantic FM radio station's talent, contest, as a result of which he met music producer Gareth Young, with whom he has recorded his first album entitled 'Amato.'

Gareth is renowned for his work with The Sugar Babes and All Saints.

The title 'Amato' is taken from the Italian for loved, the closest translation Tyrone could find to the word cherished. It reflects his memory of a dear departed friend.

Tyrone, with the help of accompanist David Williams and Gareth, has styled a selection of songs from the popular and classical genres, using orchestration provided by the London Telefilmonic Orchestra, better known for TV themes such as Foyle's War and The Midsomer Murders, among others.

Unlike most other debut albums, which are self-funded and produced on a relatively small budget, 'Amato' is an exceptionally high quality production, equal to that put out by other artists on major label funding.

'The idea was to keep the album simple and honest, paying attention to the meaning and emotion of each song, not to the commercial expectations of the industry,' says Tyrone.

This view he attributes to his studies and time spent with the likes of John Bethal, D.Mus (Hon), musician, administrator and conductor; and world renowned tenor Jose Cura.

In 2007 Ty was one of 15 singers from throughout Europe chosen to take part in a series of master classes organised by The New Devon Opera Company, where he has been privileged to learn from the Maestro.

For the last five years he has studied at Dartington College with Ian Comboy, former teacher of tenor Paul Potts.

Those who have seen Tyrone Piper sing live will tell you that there is something special, even spiritual, about his voice, and his ability to express emotion. And you will experience it yourself when you listen to his album.